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Whether you are an informed buyer or embarking on your first phone system installation project, our technicians will talk you through the different options to ensure you choose the right solution according to your company’s current infrastructure, budget and growth plans.

There are five key steps you need to be aware of when installing your new communication platform:
1. Select correct connections and identify cabling requirements.
2. Choose a phone system that will provide your business flexibility.
3. Plan and schedule installation.
4. Train staff.
5. Arrange support and maintenance.
This section of our website will help you with step two – choosing a phone solution.


On-site phone solutions

An ‘on-site phone solution’ means that the hardware for your new system will be located within your company’s office. We have selected the following on-site phone solutions to meet specific business requirements and a range of budgets.
Avaya Phone System
Avaya is a global market leader in corporate telephony. The IP Office communication system is an excellent choice for its scalability and flexibility to handle single or multiple sites. The Avaya System is ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises and can support 2 to 2,000 handsets.
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Mitel Communications Solutions
Mitel is a global market leader in corporate Unified Communications Solutions. Mitel’s flexible solutions run on industry standard servers, in virtualised VMware environments or on proprietary Mitel 3300 Controllers. Any one of these deployment methods can be hosted on site, in a pure hosted environment or a mix of both. The Mitel System is ideal for Medium to Large Enterprises and can support 2 to 65,000 handsets.
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Hosted phone solutions

With a ‘hosted phone solution’ the hardware for your phone system is located in a data centre off-site from your company’s premises. Both the Avaya Phone System and the Mitel Phone System can be configured to be a hosted phone system in a data centre. Our hosted Voice-over-IP solutions offer the full range of features that you would expect from a corporate phone system with the added benefits of VoIP.

Both the Mitel Phone System and Avaya Phone System present very cost effective solutions for any business as they provide a future proof solution that will continue to support your business for the foreseeable future and beyond. If you are looking to invest in technology to support your businesses success Contact Us today.



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